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Re: FM Satellite status

In a message dated 4/14/00 3:30:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
bruninga@nadn.navy.mil writes:

<< Between the hours of about 6 AM to noon and 6 PM to midnight local SUN
 time there is usually one of these birds in view for a few minutes to keep
 you entertained while traveling. >>

Hi Bob;
Your Mobile/Sat List is an excellent summary report.I just wanted to pass on
what Ive been doing prior to traveling mobile. The nite before I make a 
list of a few sats (simular to ur list) using the "ITPASS:InstantTrack  
finder version 0.81 by Paul Williamson,KB5MU.
I enter " itpass -z -n 5 -e 5 -s k1uxb >file.doc meaning use GMT -get 5 
el greater then 5degrees-using k1uxb lat/lon-sent to file.doc. Then all I do 
is hit
the print >file.doc. 
This is a great program for mult-sat lists and can do for a few days forward. 
I usually
make sure a copy is with me in the am flying out the door.
Any way Thanks again Bob, as always corrections welcome.


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