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Re: How often do I need to update Keps for STSORBITPLUS?

Hello Frank.

13 Apr 00 23:53, you wrote to All:

 FG> The most important thing is to identify the overhead, or nearly
 FG> overhead, passes since these are the ones I have the best chance of
 FG> working on the HT.

I mentioned elsewhere that the exact frequency with which keps need to be
updated is dependent on a number of issues, but from experience, you can go at
least 2 weeks between updates (I use 1 week).  More in the post you've probably
already read. :-)

 FG> BTW, I've at least heard myself on most of the direct overhead passes
 FG> I've attempted on UO-14, and on a few occasions made several contacts
 FG> in a row before being clobbered by stations with "real" antennas.

Believe me, you will have _real_ fun if you work on your antennas.  a couple of
watts and a portable beam give me all the signal I need from UO-14, and that
practically down to the horizon. :-)


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