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Re: SSTV xe2yvw

Looks like Siliconpixels has changed their site - a LOT! (New server?) The link
on the ultranet site is no longer valid. Easy enough to get to a valid link -
just visit http://www.siliconpixels.com and follow the link to the Amateur

And yea - it IS a nice package! 

If you get the timing right, using their 'higher end' product, Chromapix
Workstation, has advantages - it gives you 30 minutes of use time while


Alan Biddle wrote:
> Al,
> Go to http://www.ultranet.com/~sstv/ and click on the download software.
> Many good choices.  I use W95SSTV, which is on the list.  Works well, and
> the evaluation version, except for a bit of nagging when you close it, is
> fully functional for what you need.
> Alan

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