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Help with WISP and UO-36

I am new to amateur satellites and decided to jump into this head first..
But i think i might be over my head...

I have a FT-736r with a Symek TNC-3S tnc and the IFD board installed.

All my hardware checks come out clean (only think i'm lacking is a monitor
so i can see the 'eye').  I've done clean installs of WISP32 with all the
latest updates and have changed the registry's "Tx Request" to being 1 (on).

Time after time, the bird flys over I transmit.. and get no answer back..  I
have every indication that it's transmitting.. (both by talking directly to
the TNC in host-mode) and by triggering the transmit via alt-u in kiss mode
in WISP).

What could be my problem here?

Thanks and 73's - Don - WL7NF

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