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Trakbox LCD Resolved

    Thanks to all those who offered help! Here is what Steve N7HPR
helped me determine, in case anyone should run into this problem in the
future. The actual problem proved to be the power to the LCD module.
Here is a simple wiring diagram for the pot and where to find the +5v.

       Pins 1, 2, and 3 supply power to the LCD.  So you need to find +5
and GND on the PCB somewhere.  I used CN14 Pin 1 as GND and CN14 Pin 2
for +5V.  So you should have the

                   4 o  +--o 3
                   2 o   |    o 1
                       |   |     |
                       |  V    |
CN14 Pin 2-- o/\/\/\/o--- CN14 Pin 1
 (+5V)     10K ohm Pot   (GND)

 73's and Tnx,
KB9RCA, Eric

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