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WISP Help !!

Hello All...

I'm having some hair-pulling trouble (isn't it fun though!?) trying like
heck to get WISP to track like NOVA so I can use the PacSats.

I'm using the latest and greatest versions of the modules that make up WISP,
and also the same KEP's that I use in NOVA, but when I select "graphic
tracking" in WISP, it shows the sat in the wrong position.

The date and times in both programs are the same, as are the element sets.

The only thing I can find different between the element sets in WIPS vs.
NOVA is that in  WISP, the category of "EPOCH TIME" has leading 00's
(zero's) in it. If I try to edit it, click on "ok", then "close", then
re-open it to look at it, the first 2 numbers have been duplicated ( in
element set 323 this would be "97").

I've fooled with everything I can think of (including re-loading the
program), and some that I knew wouldn't make a difference, and still can't
get the thing to work right...Help !!

As always, any help is appreciated !


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