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RE: Keps

 > The best bet in my opinion is to go to the AMSAT web page and 
 > then go to
 > E-Mail services and subscribe to the KEPS E-Mail list.  That 
 > way you will
 > get fresh KEPS E-Mailed to you every week in both 2 line and verbose
 > format.  What I do is take the TLE format, and do a COPY from 
 > the E-Mail and
 > PASTE to a blank NOTEPAD document.  Then SaveAs to the KEPS 
 > file I keep that
 > all three tracking programs read elements from.

If you're going to get serious about satellites, this is the way to go.
However, I find I don't need to do the copy and paste (and Notepad is a pain
in the *** as it is prone to adding a .txt on the end of filenames).  I just
use the "save as" command of the mail reader and save the email to the
\winorbit\keps (as "amateur.tle") directory where all my tracking programs
look for updates.

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