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RE: Keps

> I generally recommend Winorbit for folks who are new to 
> satellites because
> it's free and easy to use.  This also gives me the 

2 good reasons to use it. :-)

> responsibility of having
> to explain how to get keps and update them.  For that reason, 
> I set up a web
> page to make it easy.  You can find it at:
> http://members.aol.com/lee810/keps.html

Good idea.  I also tell people to tweak a few settings in Winorbit, as I've
found the SGP-4 orbital model gives the best results, especially if you
forget to update your keps occasionally.  Despite the enticing name, never
use the "ideal" model, your prediction will be out by a fair margin within

I'll have to write up something on the web when I get some time. :-)
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