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Re: thanks uo-14

dat4 wrote:

Number one thing here,  have you guys noticed that majority of the complainers
NEVER place their call sign in their note, no place seen, can't even help them,
tell them they had NO audio or they were not even making it....

> Thanks alot guys ,
> the 1600 pass was great , I could have logged N1ZKB for ME but when he asked
> me to repeat my call  the obvious happened , I also could have salvaged the
> pass and worked K0EFC for Kansas  but again the the obvious happened. Then
> there was the jerk who added to the fun by keying the mic for awhile

The question here is, what are you running, your antenna system, power out, swr
on the antenna, what is your terrain, oh yes.  Have you ever, ever, ever worked
a pile up on hf? worked rare dx? oh yes made contact on on the bird to any one

> It was a ball , I look forward to the enjoyment next time I can catch a pass
> thanks again from me and my grandson , who thought he wanted to be a ham

^  note no signature  ^

Well I drive a truck, a Big one,  with Blow up fuel in it. The stuff that makes
a blue flame not that cheap stuff you put in your car.  I have cars that cut in
front you and don't let you over. Come on the freeway like they own it and
expect you to slow down or move  for them?  I really picture the complainers
these sort of folks. No one else than them, their priorities are more important
than anything else. You all know that HOLY than THOU stuff attitude?

I work the birds via this mobile,  no problems, some have heard me put some good
grid squares out there. Some times I make it some times I don't BUT I try, try
try again. I don't cry cry cry again.
Recently I ran a demo at a local winery an I wish to thank all that Id'ed and
location of their station. The dignitaries and movie stars where standing by the
truck and were suprized that this was being done and  so accomplished by a small
radio and also not commercial telephone stuff.  I was able to explain some
things of ham radio and satellite operation. After their tour of the winery,
four people of that tour came back to the truck and talked some more,  then we
had another pass and they heard some more.  More questions and interest,
exchange of e-mail addresses and direction of sites of ham radio.

I didn't give them amsat yet, because we have big babies who can't foresee the
damage they do..
They just want to complain and wine. Do nothing for ham radio. Just because the
stupid idiot couldn't tune his own radio correctly. Hey if you need help ask for

Other wise,  I look at you as a  bug hitting my windshield at 55 mph,  your only
their to obscure the vision and fun of the operators.....
So please step to the back of the bus and sit down and learn from Johnny who did
his home work...
thank you ...

ps. this is not directed totally to you sir. I am sure you did not think about
it, but were merely disturbed about the pass.
Jim Hertel,  n6kmr
Stanara@wac.com   ...Personal
n6kmr@modesto.n6kmr.ampr.org  ...Ham radio
n6kmr@n6kmr.#ncca.ca.us.noam  ...Packet Radio

I think this is enough...

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