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WiSPDDE Client 3.0

	I've made available WiSPDDE Client 3.0 with a number of new features that
further extends the range of radios and rotor interfaces which can be used
in satellite stations based on G7UPN's WiSP software.
	New is a multi-rig auto-selection feature which selects uplink & downlink
radios independently from a list of configured ones. Selection is performed
according to tracked satellite name, frequency and mode. This now enables
rig pairs such as IC275/IC475 to be used together to form a full-duplex set
and access satellites without specialized rigs.
	WiSPDDE can now be run in single-pass mode with a command-line switch to
make it close itself after the pass ends. This is useful to run WiSPDDE
from a schedule event of WiSP and not keep it running continuously.
	This version is still beta so feedback from users is appreciated.
Currently supported radios are: IC821, IC970, IC746, IC275, IC475, ICR7000,
ICR8500, PCR1000, FT847, FT736, AR8000 and AR5000. Rotor interfaces:
GS-232, CI-V, IF100 and FODTrack.
	WiSPDDE executables & sources can be downloaded from

	73 de Nando, CX6DD

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