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CCD Display 97

Is CCD Display 97 Y2K compliant?  I keep getting the following after
downloading an *.IMT file from UO-36:

    Error - Can't open file <OK>

    CCD Image Information - UO-22 Image Recorded on Thu Jan 01 18:12:28
1970.  WARNING!!!  This image was captured over 12 months ago.  The
positional data has         been negated.  <OK>

    The thumbnail is displayed, but if I don't save it as a *.BMP, it will
be deleted and I *cannot* find it.

Here is the version information that I have:

    Version 1.19(Rel) - 18th April 1999
    CCD Display 97

Here is the only way I have found to open an image:

    File -> Decompress -> Single Image

Am I trying to open the thumbnail incorrectly?

Tnx for any help.


Joel B. Black, K2SAT
AMSAT Local Area Coordinator
AO-10, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29, SO-35, UO-14
KO-25, TO-31, UO-22

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