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RE: Auroral Display

Aurora effects measured at 471.26 MHz in FN41, to be exact.  :-)

I doubt that lasted very long so I'd be surprised if it affected any of the
UHF birds to speak of.


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> RS-13 sounded pretty miserable about 18:00z and an hour or so
> later 6 meters
> and later 2 meters went nuts with aurora. I'd imagine RS-13 is still

I have received reports of significant 2m auroral activity today via the
local VHF DX list.  As the geomagnetic storm hit early in our morning, I
haven't yet had a chance to work the conditions or attempt a visual

> sounding pretty nasty anywhere about 55 degrees latitude. If I recall

Well, I'm only at 37 degrees (South), but can work RS-13 until it gets past
60 degrees.

> correctly, the aurora effects were measured at 437 MHz, very
> unusual. This

This I have to see!  Wonder if it will affect tonight's SO-35 and UO-14

> was a *big* interplanetary shock wave brought about by a coronal mass
> ejection a few days ago. Hopefully there's more to come over
> the weekend.

I'm keeping an eye on http://www.spaceweather.com.  I also am on the space
news mailing list, so get space weather information emailed to me if
anything looks significant.

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