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AMSAT nets

Hello all,
 Well, after trying several times to get my terminal program(s) to
upload a file for forwarding, I have decided that the best way to
do this is to ask for something different.....
 I am updating the list of AMSAT networks, and I would like anyone
who is involved in one of these (and can check/update) information
to drop me a line. In turn, I will (from my privae address) forward
a copy of the current AMSAT net list for them to check/correct.
 I know that this is about the most Rube Goldberg way to do this,
but given the problems I'm having with the @$@*^ software here, it's
the best solution I can come up with.
 So, if you net members can give me a hand on this one, we can be
getting together a new list for publication in the "Journal".

Andy Reynolds

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