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FW: [AmateurRadioPR] FedSat frequencies (breathe easy)

OK guys, no need to worry about FedSat.  It definitely _won't_ be a Beatnick
II.  This message was posted on another list.

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From: Richard Murnane VK2SKY [mailto:richardm@zeta.org.au]
Sent: Thursday, 6 April 2000 15:20
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Subject: [AmateurRadioPR] FedSat frequencies (breathe easy) 

Hi all,

Just had another email from Jeff Kingwell at CRCSS.

Breathe easy - FedSat will not be using the Amateur bands after all.

Brief extract from Jeff's email:

> It is clear that we have some fences to mend, as I think there
> has been quite a bit of cross-talk in communications. I suspect
> this is largely due to my misuse of the term "ham radio" in
> response to questions from journalists about how people can hear
> their "SpaceGrams" message. What I meant to convey was that one
> would need some very sophisticated equipment - as opposed to a
> household  or citizen's band radio - to be able to receive
> any signal from FedSat. I did NOT mean to imply that FedSat would
> be broadcasting in bands reserved for amateur radio use.  We have
> devoted a great deal of effort and expense at the Centre to ensure
> that FedSat will comply with relevant international and national
> rules regarding radio transmissions.
> For information, our downlinks are at 400.4 MHz, 2205.00 MHz,
> and 20.13 GHz.

Tony, would you pass this onto the AMSAT list(s); I'll copy to the
WICEN list.

Everyone else, if you see this being discussed elsewhere, please copy
this info so people don't go off on the wrong track.

73 Richard VK2SKY

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