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Well, the latest is that it looks like the FedSat won't use amateur
frequencies and may not even transmit audio on its own  (non amateur)

Maybe one day, we'll be able to work with the CSIRO and put up another OSCAR
in years to come.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Tony Langdon.
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Well, looks like it's definitely not Beatnik II. I got a very fast response
from Jeff, he seems to be an extremely helpful fellow (Richard VK2SKY was
right!). His reply follows:

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Hi Gordon

The "SpaceGrams" service is really designed so that Australians can leave a
message that will be recorded onto a CD-ROM carried on the satellite as a
payload. It is like signing a visitor's book. The satisfaction involved for
the individual is in knowing that their message will be in space for about
100 years, the
approximate lifetime of  FedSat in orbit. The number to call to leave a
SpaceGrams message is 1902 974 001 (charge of $3.95/minute applies). 

FedSat is a scientific satellite and will gather data on the Earth's
magnetic field and upper atmosphere. It will also test new Australian
technologies in communications
(Ka and UHF bands), and new concepts in satellite on-board computers. As
well, FedSat will carry a GPS receiver, which will help us track the
satellite accurately. 

The UHF package will also be used to collect and relay environmental data.
Satellite telemetry is in S-band. 

The downlink frequencies of FedSat are 400.4 Mhz, 2205.0000 MHz and 20.13
GHz. We are considering the possibility of relaying some of the CD content
one of these channels, but this is not the main idea of SpaceGrams and we
are not certain that it would be technically possible. 

We are interested in testing multi-media transmissions on the Ka band link,
but at the moment we don't have any plans for something similar on UHF.
FedSat is not
carrying imaging sensors, so picture data would have to be from a ground

Thanks for your interest in the project - and yes, we will certainly post
the orbit predictions closer to the launch date (currently, 1 November
2001). We will
probably run a java program on our home page, showing where FedSat is at a
given time. 

Please keep in touch. 


At 23:10 5/04/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Jeff,
>I am a keen radio monitoring enthusiast, and have been taking an interest
>I noted the SatGram Service and was wondering what frequency / frequencies
>will be used to broadcast the messages? I had a look on the ACA database,
>all allocated frequencies were for Data.
>Will any interesting telemetry or images be transmitted on the UHF
>(SHF is out of my reach at this stage).
>If there is any other information you can send me on the Radio
>side of the project I would be grateful.
>Finally, one suggestion: Closer to the launch, it would be great if you
>post KEPS to your web site.
>Thanks, and good luck for the launch.
>Regards, Gordon  
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Jeff Kingwell
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Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems
GPO Box 1483, Canberra ACT 2601 Australia
+ 61 2  62167278 , fax + 61 2 62167272, + 61 2 62167279
mob 0417692123
WWW: <http://www.crcss..csiro.au/>  

Call SpaceGrams on 1902 974 001 to leave your space message (Australian
domestic callers only. Charges apply). 
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