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RE: Another Swatch

> Here we go again Guys.
> from 
> <http://www.zdnet.com.au/zdnn/stories/zdnn_display/au0001442.html>

There's been a bit of discussion down here about this 'bird' down here, and
I have a contact with the Space Association of Australia who may also be
able to find out more about the amateur activities on this bird.

> I did a web search on FedSat which turned up almost 40 hits 
> across several
> universities, companies, etc (one even mentioned the 
> University of Surrey!)
> but couldn't find any specific frequencies mentioned.
> Go get 'em guys

At this stage, it appears the ZDNet article has a fair element of truth in
it.  Firstly, FedSat will be running the "spacegram" service as mentioned in
the article.  Their own publicity on the CSIRO site confirms this, in less
detail though.  

At least one amateur has made contact with the managers of the project and
has informed them of issues relating to Amateur Radio and has mentioned the
"Beatnick" debacle (and the need to avoid such).  It appears they are open
to (constructive) input.  I'll keep my ear to the ground on this one and let
the list know as I hear more news.
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