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1200/9600 Signal Quality?

I'd like to see someone do a TEST with their D7/D700

What is the relative RF signal required for reliable PACKET recovery
between 1200 baud AFSK and 9600 baud FSK?

If they were both FSK with matched filters, then presumably the 1200 baud
would do 9 dB better.  But we all know that AFSK is WORSE in a weak
signal environment AND There are some abominable 1200 Baud packet signals
on the air.  

Previous tests of this age-old question were apples/oranges tests, because
each radio was home brewed to its own 9600 baud interface and that was
different from the 1200 baud audio path.  In the KENWOOD, we have a
consistent radio, all manufactured to the same specs, and all tuned at the
factory, and with supposedly optimum settings for both modulators and

Based on my 9600 baud listning experience over the last several months to
the WEAK satellite downlinks, I'm beginning to think that the radios will
do 9600 baud with a weaker RF signal than they will with a 1200 baud AFSK

Does Anyone want to take the time to do a GOOD quantifiable test?

de WB4APR, Bob 

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