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RE: discourteous operators

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> Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 4:19 AM
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] discourteous operators
> tonight on the 0310 pass of uo-14, panama was on the air. 
> mahana, w5bts, 
> tried to make a contact with him and while she was doing that 
> everyone 
> started calling her instead of giving the panama station a 
> chance to complete 
> the qso. she said she was trying to work the panama station and they 
> continued to call her. 
> there was also another female operator on the air that never 
> stopped calling 
> people during the entire pass. i guess everyone except mahana 
> has worked 
> panama. it is past mahana's bedtime and we had her stay up to try and 
> make the contact. really poor operating practices some of 
> these operators 
> have and what they are showing our young operators of the future.
> 73...bruce

I have to agree Bruce.  While I must admit that I have on ocasion
made 3 or even 4 contacts per pass, I have tried to limit it to one
or two most times, and even set out and just listened, like tonight.
Panama would have been both a new grid and country for me, but it 
was clear that it would have been futile to try.  Unfortunatly, I will
be tied up for the next several days between the Great Dane Club
annual dog show, and two IPSC pistol matches on Saturday.  Oh-
well... maybe next time.  <grin>  Y-all have a great evening.


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