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Re: FT-847 and 38.4k baud modifications


>suitable 50khz filter for use with 38.4K? Everything downstream would remain
>the same,
	The discriminator section will most probably begin working outside its
linear region with UO36 signal and you will end up leting into your modem a
very distorted waveform.
	I believe it is possible to lower enough the "Q" of the resonant element
in the discriminator by placing a resisistance in parallel to it. You may
experiment with this or calculate the needer R if you know the normal Q of
the resonator.
	1st. IF filter will most probably be wide in excess so don't worry for
that by now.
	There are still issues like group delay & passband flattness to take into
consideration but I would take my chances anyway with the capacitor across
the narrow filter and the Q lowering...

	Good luck & 73 de NAndo, CX6DD

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