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8th annuanl Jewelry Contest

The following may seem premature to some readers, but every year we get 
comments: "I didn't have enough time" !!


                      to take place at the  AMSAT Convention

                         in Portland, ME on 27-29 October

This year's contest is in the form of a brooch that was "carved" out of a
gold plated circuit board in the shape of a tuna.  The boards were donated by
Qualcomm, delivered to the convention floor by Kerry Banke,K6IZW, during the
convention in San Diego. Proceeds from the donations for the boards were
gratefully received by our Phase IIID support group.

The brooch is about 3" long, comes with a safety clasp, and can be pinned on
or hung from a suitable chain. We will be visiting an area that has probably
the best seafood cuisine anywhere in the world, and we think it appropriate.

The original board components have nothing to do with the solution, but they
do provide the scales for "Charlie Tuna".

Your endeavor, should you choose to take the assignment, will be to determine
the resonant frequency of the "parallel tank" circuit formed by the "eye"
and the "mouth".

The frequency is in one of the Amateur Satellite bands.  The "eye" is a
miniature variable capacitor that is set at 7.0 pF.  The "mouth" is a coil
of #24 plated copper wire. It is 6 turns, .25" in diameter and .25" long.
The wire spacing is one wire diameter.  The  angular separation to form the
"mouth" is of some consequence, and should be considered in your calculations.
The winner can re-set the capacitor to his frequency preference!!!!

Leanore, KA6UCD, will be wearing it at the convention (of course she just
HAD to get a new dress!).  She calls it the "tuney tuna".  She will present
it to the winner at the banquet.

Anyone can enter, and you need not be present to win.  If not attending the
convention, send your entry by e-mail to ka6ucd@amsat.org or wb6llo@amsat.org.
Snail mail to our callbook address, or contact on any amateur frequency will
be OK also.  Questions please, to the same place.  Please submit your answer
as XXX.XXXXXX mHz.  There is no way that I could measure it that accurately,
but the answer is set that way purposely to eliminate ties.

This narrative tuna1.txt and a graphic tuna1.jpg at:


73         88
Dave and Leanore


        73 de Dave, wb6llo@amsat.org

                            Disagree; I learn.
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