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Re: WiSP Config Tutorial

PAT McGRATH wrote:
> I found the following of great help.
> http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/wispinse.txt
> ----

There some things in that document that are no longer correct.

73, Roy

How to install WiSP3213


2.  Copy 'wisp32.zip' into C:/wisp and extract them.

The WISP32xx.EXE file is the current format and is self extracting.

3.  Move into another directry the next two files.

             bwcc.dll  -->  C:/Windows/System
             wisp.hlp  -->  C:/Windows

No need to do this.  The Install program will move necessary files to the
correct directory.


6.  Exit Windows95 and add the next words in 'autoexec.bat'.

             set tz=jst-9
             share /f:4096 /l:75
             path = c:\wisp

The above is not required with WiSP32.  WiSP32 takes the time zone from the
Windows Time Zone setting, not the TZ parameter.  Share is nor required and
the path is automatically set in the Setup program.


11. NOTEPAD File - Open - Mspeeq~1.txt - Open - File - 
        Save attached new file name - MSPE Equations.TXT - Save

    In the message  [C:/wisp/MSPE Equations.TXT  Overwrite?],
    Click 'Yes'

No need to do this any longer.  The AMSAT distributed versions will extract
this file with the correct name.


13. NOTEPAD File - Open - View-d~1.txt - Open - 
        Remove [ZL2TPO] and add [your callsign]
        Remove destination="ZL" and add destination="your callsign"
        Save attached new file name - View-Dir Equations.TXT - Save

No need to do this any longer.  The AMSAT distributed versions will extract
this file with the correct name.


16. GSC - MsgMaker Setup - Message expiry time - 7 - OK

Do not set this to 7.  The maximum value used is 4 and this should only be
used for large files that will take a while to download.  Normally this
should be left set to 2 to keep the file space minimized on the satellite. 
Even at that, the file will not be deleted at the expiration time.  At that
time it is available to be deleted if the file space is required for new


19. GSC - Setup - Satellite Setup - Satellites
            Acknowledge receipt

Only used by UO-22

            Load View-Dir at start of pass
            Close View-Dir at end of pass     etc.

Only if you want this window open all during the pass.  You can leave it
unloaded and call it up any time you wish.
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