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Re: Transceiving two ICOM rigs

At 07:20 PM 4/3/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Do I recall correctly a reference to someone who put together a
>system using a PIC or equivalent so a pir of ICOM radios could be used
>together for satellite operation without buying the ICOM unit?

I have a note in my Icom file which says that there is a program on 
amsat.org web site which emulates the CT-16, called CI-V 2.5. My note says 
it locks radios together for forward or reverse tuning. You might look for 
it. No additional hardware was mentioned.

You weren't real specific on what you wanted to do. Any two Icom radios 
that are on the same band, like an IC-275 and a receiver that covers 145, 
can be linked by setting the internal transceive switches and just hooking 
the CI-V jacks in parallel. Tuning one radio will tune the other.

73, ron w8gus.
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