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Re: Re: [aprssig] Re: Going DIGITAL!

> Note that I suggested using _a Web browser_, not _the Web_.
> In my mythical world, the Web servers would be embedded in the TNCs and
> rigs.  Computers running browsers could connect to the rigs and TNCs
> via any medium that can transport IP packets: the Internet, an
> Ethernet hub, or an RS-232 cable.  (Just to be perfectly clear, during
> an emergency you would be likely to connect a collocated PC and rig/TNC
> using local media, such as a cable or a LAN.)
> My theme is that the browser is the universal human interace in the
> wired world.  Let's us it.
> My assumption is that browser skills and Pentium-class PCs are
> ubiquitous, vastly more easily to acquire in an emergency than
> rigs or TNCs.  (My claim is that some day showing up at an emergency
> with a DOS machine will be like showing up with an AM rig or a 
> Commodore 64.)
> And finally, no, I don't know of any TNCs or rigs that contain an
> embedded Web server.  But, unless we know where we want to go, we aren't
> very likely to get there.
> -tjs

An interesting device for 'Web Enabling' other devices is the TINI board from 
Dallas Semiconductor (http://www.ibutton.com/TINI/index.html).

This board has several peripheral interfaces including serial ports, CAN bus and 
1-Wire bus.  It has a Java Interpreter and one of the sample programs is a Web 
Server (written in Java).  The is also a public domain web server available for 
it that supports  the Java Servlet API.  All this on a single 68 pin SIM format 
(currently changing to a 72 pin SIM format).  Oh,  nearly forgot.  All this for 
just $50.

I have one working with a GPS receiver and an Icom PCR-1000 receiver using a 
servlet to get status from the GPS and display as an HTML page and another 
servlet to control the PCR-1000.

It would be interesting to interface an SDLC capable serial controller chip,  
and along with a modem turn it into a network based TNC!  I know that Peter 
(DB2OS) and some others at TAPR had shown an interest in something like this.
Of course,  you could interface an existing TNC to the serial port to provide 
network access to the TNC.

-- John Melton  n6lyt/g0orx

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