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RE: Finally Got it together...

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> From: MarkG [mailto:markg@pptnet.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 1:28 PM
> To: Jon Ogden; Dave Tipton; Bob Carlson, n0aot
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> Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Finally Got it together...
> Polarization switching is nice to have, yes, but certainly 
> not required. I
> pryed open the wallet and bought a pair of M-squared antennas 
> and at the
> price, switching had to wait as they don't come with it. If it makes a
> difference, I haven't noticed except on AO-10 and even then 
> it's not the
> difference between readable and unreadable. Prior to that, I 
> was using a
> pair of plain old linear Cushcraft yagis with great success so really,
> circular polarization isn't a requirement let alone the 
> direction of the
> signal. I only mention this because the question was "is it 
> really that
> hard?" and the answer is a very definate no. In my opinion, 
> you pay for ease
> of use. Some people use a bare bones station that costs 
> relatively little
> but requires the operator to do ten things at once. Other 
> people operate
> through stations that require an operator only because it's the law. I
> suspect most people, however, find a happy medium by 
> upgrading parts of
> their station until they're comfortable with both cost and the ease of
> operation. Ever check out an EME station and then watch it in 
> operation?
> That's when you have to start really questioning your 
> dedication to the
> hobby. <g>
> By the way, when I talked to the M2'd people about a 
> polarization switch,
> they told me that others sell them and to look around on the 
> net. I have and
> I have not found *anything*. If you have any leads, please 
> let me know. I
> want that to be my next step before pre-amps.
> 73...Mark
I would even advise to buy a preamp and use a omni antenna like the
eggbeater II and than save for a directional antenna and elevation rotor

I say this because the uplink for the fm birts is no real problem but the
coax loss for the downlink can be "killing" the fun and an omni antenna
give's the operator the time to learn the art of dopler correction without
having to keep pointing at the bird.

mind you that i have not yet gone very far beyond the fm birds so i might be
saying things that are complete bullsh*t but at least it is the way i see

73 de Andre PE1RDW
aprsdigi co-ordinator Netherlands
member aprs workgroup Netherlands
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