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Re: WiSP Config Tutorial

Hi Everyone, 

I have been waiting that for years for a step by step guide for newbies.
Some times I do have difficulty in getting the precise details for setting
up the WISP, like config files, directories,  TLM etc. as well as getting
precise information on satellite callsigns and/or BBS callsign, including
TNCs' settings.  I use PK 2232 and it has a long list of settings for
various baud rates, and some look similar. Have been fairly successful
though,  by using trial and error methods, or enlisting help from more
knowledgeable stalwarts.  I agree with Nando that there should be some
guide  available for new comers.  I know some of the information is
available on the web but not in one place.

Maybe a story might be appropriate.

In a village someone lost a donkey and they just couldn't find it.  Someone
suggested, why not ask the village idiot. His help was enlisted and he
found the donkey without any problem. When asked how he did it. His reply was:

"I thought to myself, if I were an ass where would I go"

I do need to know sometimes where to go for help.

In good humour

Sangat, 9M2SS 


At 02:41 04/04/00 -0300, Fernando Mederos wrote:
>	Has anybody compiled a step-by-step guide for WiSP configuration?
>	73 de Nando, CX6DD
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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