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RE: (amsat-bb) Lemons and lemonade (was: UO-36 over S .America?)

>  That's Easy, version number three.
>   No spin-doctored, sugar-coated, political-correct, 
> miss-leading information,
> just the true facts.............   "REAL" reporting, "REAL" 
> information.
> Then, with such information,  you and I, may determine the 
> success or failure
> of the satellite.  Good or bad...............

Good idea.  And I think a lot of the "time limited" birds can be judged a
success on objective information.  SO-35 is a classic example.  While it is
time limited by its power budget, one of the (many) reasons is because it
uses a high (for an LEO) powered transmitter - around 10W, IIRC.  Might
drain the battery, but lots of handheld stations around the world would rate
it as a success. :-)  Some of the tricks I've pulled on that one have been
possible only because of the generous amount of RF available to override
local noise.

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