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RE: Finally Got it together...

> Ok Campers...  I think I finally have everything I need working...
> I have a Kenwood TS-700A w/ a 170Watt Brick.  Worked a bunch 
> of folks on 2m
> ssb ranging from 5 to 150 miles away last night...
> A Icom 471 All mode for 70cm...
> A brand new Arrow Antenna that arrived via UPS at lunch time today..
> If anything fails on the radios, I have a Yaesu 736 on loan 
> right now w/2m
> and 70cm installed.
> 2 Questions:
> What sats can I really expect to work, and how should I 
> situate the Arrow
> antenna on the mast?  With 2m horizontal and 70cm vertical or 
> 2M Vertical
> and 70cm Horizontal?
> Dave (Getting so close I can Taste it...)

I don't know the antenna, so I don't have any idea of its gain, which
ultimately will be your limiting factor, but if you have azimuth and
elevation rotation capabilities, your list of potential birds is quite long.
Just for analogue, you can expect to work:

SO-35(FM), UO-14(FM), AO-27(FM), FO-20(CW/SSB), FO-29(CW/SSB), and likely
AO-10 through much of its orbit (might have trouble receiving it when it's
near apogee).  You should also have good results on the digital birds (I'll
leave it to the digital guys to fill you in there :) ).  

I'd suggest you leave the brick off for the LEO birds.  I find a few watts
is sufficient for working all the ones I mentioned (except AO-10, of course,
which I'm yet to setup for), maybe 10-20W for the Fujis on a bad pass (I
have had near beacon strength signals come back with a 2W uplink into a 2
element Yagi).

As for polarisation, I suspect there's no right answer, as what you get will
vary from pass to pass, and sometimes rotate as the pass progresses (I have
had one SO-35 pass where I had to slowly rotate the antenna a full 360

In any case, good luck, and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. :-)
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