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RE: PREDICT Version 2.1.0 For Linux Released

> It can definately be done, but the program would need to be 
> modified to
> accept input from a file or stdin.  One way of feeding 
> incoming mail to
> the program would be through sendmail's .forward facility as 
> well as the
> procmail program.

OK, sounds reasonable.  

> I thought about this sort of thing way back in the late 80s when I
> had PREDICT running on a Unix box connected to the "net" via a UUCP
> connection.  However, I never developed any such feature because I
> felt if someone had a computer with which to send and receive mail,
> then they would have everything necessary to make orbital predictions
> on their own.  :-)

There are a few people here that don't have full Internet connectivity, but
are able to send email (must be some company policy or similar, or they have
"easymail" accounts which are an email only service).  Another nice, and
related feature would be to incorporate "schedule" files for birds such as
AO-27 and SO-35 which are not available every pass (implementing this would
be interesting, but then again, the program would at least know where the
bird is at the turn on and turn off times - afterall, that's its purpose! :)

Just an idea I have been toying with, as I seem to be one of the clearing
houses down here for satellite info, and a little automation would be nice.
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