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Re: Finally Got it together...

Thanks for all the suggestions... So...

A second Arrow antenaa on the other side of the mast....

A Right hand left hand switch for each band, and an AZ/EL Rotor (Which is
actually 2 rotors independantly controlled....)

Geesh.. It's no wonder people think that sats are tough to work... Watch
your elevation, adjust your azimuth, now make sure you bump the vfo to
cmpensate for dopler...

Don't use more than 10 watts, and make sure you have yourself spotted in
while simultaneously **not** transmitting cause god knows you wouldn't
wanna cause QRM.

Am I just insane or is this really the way it is?


PS- Bob, thanks... I'll put it on a Camera tripod and catch the next AO-27
pass with my handheld tomorrow at work.

 On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Bob Carlson, n0aot wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> I've used my arrow antenna with great success all over the world (I'm in the
> merchant marine), mostly for pacsat ops. Also, I frequently listen to UO-14
> (an ex-pacsat) and AO-27. For these remote/portable/maritime mobile
> operations I use an "Armstrong" rotator and a camera tripod. If I'm in the
> clear, I can usually get horizon to horizon coverage if I twist the
> orientation back and forth, as needed.
> To answer your question, on average I find the best copy with the antenna in
> an "X" position most of the time. It's rarely best at exactly at "+"
> orientation either way for very long.
> You don't need much transmit power with this antenna either. I usually run
> my FT-847 at 10 watts to the Arrow and I have no trouble accessing the
> pacsats...
> Hope this helps,
> --Bob, n0aot
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> From: "David M. Tipton, PhD" <tiptond@psi.com>
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> Sent: 03 April, 2000 11:30
> Subject: [amsat-bb] Finally Got it together...
> > Ok Campers...  I think I finally have everything I need working...
> >
> > I have a Kenwood TS-700A w/ a 170Watt Brick.  Worked a bunch of folks on
> 2m
> > ssb ranging from 5 to 150 miles away last night...
> >
> > A Icom 471 All mode for 70cm...
> >
> > A brand new Arrow Antenna that arrived via UPS at lunch time today..
> >
> > If anything fails on the radios, I have a Yaesu 736 on loan right now w/2m
> > and 70cm installed.
> >
> > 2 Questions:
> >
> > What sats can I really expect to work, and how should I situate the Arrow
> > antenna on the mast?  With 2m horizontal and 70cm vertical or 2M Vertical
> > and 70cm Horizontal?
> >
> > Dave (Getting so close I can Taste it...)
> >
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