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RE: Finally Got it together...

Actually, the limited antenna is due too a little thing called an HOA.  This
is going to be stuffed on an AZ/EL Rotor in my attic.  The amp is merely
there if I need it.  Not so that I can be an alligator.  9 times out of 10,
I don't use it.  But, if it were to mean the difference between making it,
or not making it, I want to have it.  (I have 100 Watts on 70cm too...)


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From:	Mike West [mailto:wl7bqm@gci.net]
Sent:	Monday, April 03, 2000 3:42 PM
To:	David M. Tipton, PhD
Subject:	Re: [amsat-bb] Finally Got it together...

>Kenwood TS-700A w/ a 170Watt Brick.
> A brand new Arrow Antenna

Dave,  I don't want to rain on your parade but it looks like you are setting
yourself up to be an "ALLIGATOR" ( all mouth and no ears)  With all that
and damn little for an antenna. You will get into the bird BUT you will not
able to hear yourself or others. That will make you a very unpopular guy.

If you are going to work the "easy sats", FIRST  you don't need a brick amp.
Second,  you are going to have to be able to rotate the arrow antenna to
care of the "polarity" switching of the satellite and the bird does move
across the sky. You can not just set the antenna in one spot and work the

Now if you have an AZ/EL rotor set you would have been better off buying
better antennas ( read that as gain antennas) than the brick amp.

You should (with-out the amp) be able to work, AO-27,  SO-35, UO-14 and any
the pacsats.  Maybe a little AO-10.

Good luck and see ya on the birds,  mike


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