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Computer control of tracking telescopes

I've been following the thread on tracking control of telescopes for
optical observation of orbiting satellites. There is a great little
book "Microcomputer Control of Telescopes" by Mark Trueblood and
Russell Genet ISBN 0-943396-05-0 published by and available from

Willmann-Bell, Inc.
P.O. Box 3125
Richmond, Virginia 23235
(circa 1985 information so might be stale)

The hardware shown in it is, obviously, quite dated. But the math and
the technical issues are still valid. Amateur astronomers who measure
the light output of variable stars were pioneers in this area in the
1980s, long before any off-the-shelf computer controlled telescopes
were available.

If you want to do anything exotic, this might be useful.

Best 73's

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