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Re: 9913fx vs LMR400UF

At 12:06 PM 4/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
 >Hi Tony;
 >Just a few more comments on your message to Bob;
 >I'm assuming your referring to LMR-400 not LMR-400-UF since the loss on
 >400-UF is greater @ 450Mc. Also curious to me is the fact LMR-400 is solid
 >copper clad Aluminum,On the other hand LMR-400-UF is stranded bare

Hi Nick,

All of the "flex" versions use stranded copper and have
slightly higher loss than the non-flex versions.
This is true for 9913 variations also.

The "regular" LMR types use copper clad aluminum center
conductors. Due to the skin effect, this has the same
RF conductivity as solid copper which is used in 9913.

There are several vendors that also make 9913 type (i.e. .405")
coax but I don't know of any others that offer a polypropylene
jacket. All of them seem to be about the same price so I would
always pick LMR-400. If there were a significant price difference,
it might be a different story!


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