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Re: New to Sats

Hello Bob.

01 Apr 00 10:06, you wrote to alf sauve:

 BB> Remember, the BEST place to listen for satellites on a vertical is in
 BB> your CAR!  The coax loss is much less there than in your home station.

Almost, a good whip on a handheld can do even better, as there is zero coax
loss.  When working UO-14 yesterday morning, I had to forget the diplexer and
mobile whip, the 1/2 wave rubber ducky have a better downlink signal.

 BB> Remember, you dont need a high antenna for satelites, you only need
 BB> to
 BB> see the sky.  So the antenna on your car roof with a reasonable view
 BB> of the sky will always do better than any omni that is fed by 50 feet
 BB> of coax.

Indeed.  The car isn't a bad place to experiment with satellites from.

The lack of coax loss is one of the advantages I find about going portable as
well, and there's no antenna mounting hassles. :-)


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