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We Dig Four All My Gold

Hi Garie!

Thanks for your "two cents."  I, too, have spent nearly 30 years on HF--much 
of it as a casual or semi-serious DX'er, so I can appreciate your comments on 
the similarities and differences.

>>I was on a UO-14 pass the other evening when a HP1 came on the air.  It
would be nice to put a new country in the log on UO-14, right?  I called
him and had a good full quieting uplink signal into the bird.  I had
just let up on my PTT when another station immediately called his buddy
two states away  (probably someone he QSOs with everyday).  He didn't
even have the courtesy to standby for a second or so to see if the HP1
station was coming back to anyone.  He was only concerned with his own
little personal agenda and to hell with everyone else.<<

I heard the HP1 pass, too, and it was bedlam.  Yes, it would have been 
courteous for the other guy to stand by and see if the HP1 was going to 
respond.  The difference, though, is that the fella who interrupted you at 
least made a contact.  "All My Gold" probably made none.  I operate UO-14 
with an HT and 19 in. flexible antenna--basically a long rubber duckie--and 
can hear myself for at least a short time on almost every pass I attempt, but 
only make solid contacts when everyone stands by for a moment or two like 
this morning.

>>Unfortunately, this kind of rudeness and discourteousness goes on every day 
on the FM birds.  I don't see this kind of LID operation stopping anytime soon
until there's some type of educational process (perhaps on the Amsat BB) about
having a little compassion for your fellow satellite op.  Yes, the passes are
short and things have to happen quickly but I think one can be aggressive
without being inconsiderate of others.<<

It's pretty tough to share one FM channel that is available to any one 
station for no more than 15 minutes, given FM's "capture effect," etc.  I 
think the gang does a pretty credible job of sharing the channel much of the 
time.  FM just isn't a real suitable mode for this kind of operation.  
Imagine what he CQWW phone contest would sound like if FM was permitted on 
20 meters.  Nonetheless, the FMSats demonstrate an amazing technical 
accomplishment, and give us the opportunity to push the envelope of what one 
can do with hand held radios and small antennas.

>>I was always under the opinion that a Special Event Station or new DX would
somewhat take precedence of a pass (and let as many stations as possible work
them).  I mean...it's not like it happens all that often. I fully realize 
that a Special Event or DX isn't everyone's cup-of-tea...but what about
standing by for a minute or two for those of us who would like to work them.  
Is that asking too much?? After all, you can always say hello to your 
buddies on subsequent passes.<<

I may get to test this one late this summer.  I'm tentatively planning a few 
days in Las Vegas on my way home from my niece's wedding on the West Coast.  
I'll see whether people stand by for my HT and duckie when I'm handing out a 
relatively rare state. (Well, it's rarer than Brooklyn, anyway!)

So, hope to see you on UO-14 and SunSat soon!

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