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Re: [sarex] Iridium boxes any use?

I know this will sound crazy, but I wonder what would happen if a group of 
hams -- specifically amateur radio operators -- were to file for an 
injunction against Irridium destroying the satellites because of their 
potential as educational tool -- and as such it was against the public 
interest to permit their destruction.  

File the injunctive relief request in the 9th circuit court in San Francisco 
-- which will issue an injunction for just about anything one asks for.   
Then sit back and see where it all goes....

Bill P.

In a message dated 04/01/2000 11:47:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
kc7wnm@micron.net writes:

<< Not very likely.  Our government in it's infinite wisdom gives businesses a
  tax write off for the complete value of any equipment that is permanently
  destroyed.  In order to get this tax credit, there cannot be any salvage
  value gained.  That even includes donation to non-profit organizations.
  This is probably their motivation for wanting to deorbit the satelites as

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