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What Satellites are Current?

Hi Steve:

Welcome to amsat-bb.  My best advice is to dive in and start swimming...hi.

>Joined the list a couple of days ago and enjoyed the information so far.
>Became introduced to satellites by Jeff Johns on the qrp-l list with info
>working AO-27.  I have listened to it a few times and want to learn more.
>Can anyone point me to a listing of the satellites that are currently
>working?  I have the file on "easy sats" and the faq as well as the Amateur
>Satellite Resource Guide.

If you join AMSAT-NA, among other things you will receive The AMSAT Journal,
published six times per year.  In the upcoming March/April issue (currently
at the printer) we are running a list of active amateur satellite
frequencies.  This should prove a valuable resource for you. Membership
details can be found at www.amsat.org

>How can I find out the Norad number of ASUSAT and STENSAT that just went

Also in the March/April issue is an article by Cliff, K7RR who presents an
eyewitness account of the ASUSat, Stensat, et.al. launch.

>Is there any kind of satellite group within 100 miles or would I have to go
>to Dallas?

Yes...the DFW area is quite active with amateur satellite operators.  Keith,
W5IU operates the AMSAT 80m net every Tuesday evening (2000 local) on 3840
+/- QRM.  I think there is also a local AMSAT net. Also check out the
Houston AMSAT net via www.amsatnet.com as this will provide a great primer
for learning about satellites.

>Enquiring minds.......
>Steve Brockwell  KC5TTY
>Elgin, OK  (...3 hours north of Dallas as the ford ranger drives..)

73 and welcome to AMSAT,

Russ Tillman, K5NRK
AMSAT Journal Editor

Russ Tillman, K5NRK
310 Cain Ridge Road, Apt. D-6
Vicksburg, MS 39180 USA
Home e-mail: k5nrk@amsat.org
Office e-mail: tillmar@wes.army.mil

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