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Re: WISP, KPC-9612 Plus, FT-847

In a message dated 4/1/2000 8:35:36 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
larryp@dataserv.net writes:

<< So far I have had very poor performance with the KPC-9612 Plus and  WISP! 

Larry and group;
The kpc9612 + is a pain. But a great tnc. It has some peculiarities. The 
first time before using it on the 9k6 sats. Use a regular paket program and 
after getting a "cmd:" prompt out of the tnc, issue it a " PORT 2''  then 
turn the tnc of and on.
Else it won't got to port 2 on transmit.
With wisp you will need to make a "MSPE TNC startup.txt" file. Yes it has all 
those letters in it. Yes! we got to write it. Put it in the satellite you 
use. Also you can write a "MSPE TNC exit.txt "  file ,to put the tnc back to 
conditions before the pass. Also put that file in the satellite you want to 
The worst thing thou- is after using wisp and the putting this tnc (kpc 9612 
back in service you will notice the 1200 baud side is dead. Don't fear! to 
restore this minor problem issue the tnc , from a paket program , the 
"RESTORE D" command this will restore factory defaults,after the auto 
bauding, this will restore 1k2 side. You will now see the sq  break, turn on 
the rcv led on port 1.  (page 265)
the start up file needs the command---> FULLDUP in it.
73\to Larry and the group
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