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problem fixed on early FT-847

Hello all,

I had a call from my friend Bob vk3bu just a short time ago to say that he
had cured the nagging problems he had been experiencing with his FT-847. It
turned out to be a poor connection on one of the pins on the serial port
connector inside the rear of the set. The pins were crimped and covered with
plastic tubing and one of them had cracked and become intermittent. They are
all soldered on now and the WiSP package is working perfectly. Bob had been
having trouble with very poor download efficiency of around 0 -3% with no
easily identifiable cause. We had suspected voltage levels, protocol errors,
poor s/n ratios somewhere along the line, etc. etc. but never suspected a
wiring fault in the set itself. Oh well...

I had floated a message regarding this on the satellites and on the BB
recently and had received a number of replies so I thought I'd pass this on
... with thanks ... to those who replied with other possible solutions.

Regards, Bill...vk3jt [and a very happy Bob vk3bu]

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