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Re: New to Sats

Hello Michael.

31 Mar 00 21:55, you wrote to All:

 MK> I would like to listen for a satellite with the rig.  My question is
 MK> which one "might" I be able to hear.  I have a omnidirectional VHF/UHF
 MK> vertical and a 10m Yagi to work with at the present time.  I have the
 MK> rig setup for AO-10  (145.825-145.975 down) and RS12/13
 MK> (29.460-29.500) downlinks.
 MK> So, do I have any chance to hear one?  Or am I wasting my time until I
 MK> get some more hardware?
 MK> Thanks for the help.

OK, first thing's first.  You _can_ hear some of the satellites with this
setup!  However, a purpose built omni or a set of beams with azimuth and
elevation rotations will work much better.

First, onto the birds you will be able to hear.

Probably in this order of increasing difficulty.

SO-35 - 145.825 MHz FM (uplink 436.291 +/- 10 khZ Doppler).

You should have no difficulty hearing this bird, and also be able to work it
off the vertical.  In fact, I worked it off my tri band vertical this morning,
though the portable beam works _much_ better (I slept in and almost missed the
pass :( ).

RS-13 - 29.460 - 29.500 CW/SSB.  You should be able to hear this fairly well on
low passes on the 10m Yagi.  The 2m vertical will get you in if you keep the
power up to it (will need 25 - 50W, if my experience is anything to go by). The
2m uplink is 145.960 - 146.000.

UO-14 and AO-27 - These birds have fairly weak 70cm downlinks.  You _may_ hear
bits and pieces of UO-14, but my experience is that the downlink is only
workable for very short patches on the vertical.  At least build an eggbeater
or turnstile for these birds, better yet, consider some real gain.  As I'm
south of the equator, I don't have access to AO-27, but others say it's a lot
like UO-14, except the downlink is a bit weaker.

RS-15 - Said to be fairly weak, but your beam should help on low passes.  I
have never tried this bird myself.

FO-20 and FO-29 - You _may_ hear something out of these satellites.  If a QSO
is possible on your setup, try CW first.

Also, go to http://www.amsat.org and look up the various introductory articles.
You should find them helpful.


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