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Re: RS12/13

Hello Gary.

31 Mar 00 07:02, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 GM> I have had wonderful luck with a ten meter Turnstile / Inverted Vee
 GM> antenna.
 GM> 1. An 8 to 10 foot section of PVC pipe.
 GM> 2. 2 ten meter dipoles
 GM> 3. A 1/4 wavelength of RG-59.
 GM> 4. 4 Bricks or tent pegs.
 GM> 5. 24'  of nylon rope.
 GM> Feed the dipoles for circular polarization using the RG-59.  Attach
 GM> their centers to the top of the pole.  Tie about 6 feet of rope to
 GM> each dipole end.  Lay them out in an X pattern securing the ends of
 GM> the dipoles(ropes) with the bricks or tent pegs.  If you don't have
 GM> the room, shorten the ropes.    This antenna actually works better
 GM> when close to the ground (based on experience not analysis).

Might look into this one.  The car does take up a fair bit of the space I have
available (for temporary antennas), but there might be enough left over to
setup a temporary turnstiole or even a dipole.

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