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Re: Satellite Power Budgets

Hello Richard.

01 Apr 00 09:24, you wrote to All:

 RL> When SO35 went up it saw lots of eclipses; the orbit has now drifted
 RL> such that it gets more illumination. More illumination equals more
 RL> onboard power so they can put it on more often without risking a flat
 RL> battery.

Quite true, and a little analysis of the pass times over the last 6 months will
reveal the orbit changes.  When I first started working SO-35, back in late
September, the passes were between 0200z and 0330z (1200 and 1330 local), near
worst power conditions.  Now the passes are between 2230z and 0000z (0830 -
1000 local), some 3 1/2 hours earlier and a more illuminated orbit ("best"
orbit for illumination is one which results in passes around sunrise and sunset
- about 2 1/2 hours earlier than the current orbit).  I hope we aren't still
having morning weekend passes when the orbit is in this configuration! :)


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