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New to Sats

Ok, newbie question here.  Just received my FT-847 this afternoon and have
been learning some of the functions on it.  Worked Chile on 10m SSB so at
least it works on that band.

I would like to listen for a satellite with the rig.  My question is which
one "might" I be able to hear.  I have a omnidirectional VHF/UHF vertical
and a 10m Yagi to work with at the present time.  I have the rig setup for
AO-10  (145.825-145.975 down) and RS12/13 (29.460-29.500) downlinks.

So, do I have any chance to hear one?  Or am I wasting my time until I get
some more hardware?

Thanks for the help.

Michael Kingery
mkingery@ala.net (email)
http://downtown.ala.net/~mkingery (web page)

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