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Re: problems with early Yaesu FT-847 ?

At 09:11 AM 3/31/00 +0000, Anthony Monteiro wrote:
 > >I wonder if anyone out there in satellite-land is aware of any problems
 > >with the very early model FT-847 radios. Particularly CPU and serial port
 > >related.
 > >
 > >I have a friend who has one and he has come by some information which
 > >indicates that some mods were made early in the production run of these
 > >radios. Turns out the set he purchased [new] was actually from a production
 > >run some 18 months old! and may well fall into the category mentioned above.
 > >
 > >We have been chasing some fiddly little problems trying to set up for
 > >automatic operation on the digital satellites and the above may explain some
 > >of these. We seem to have exhausted all other avenues.
 > >
 > >Any help will be appreciated regarding mods or updates to these early model
 > >FT-847s.

Hi Bill,

Yes, the first version of the FT-847 had an issues with the serial
port. The issue was that a computer could not read the VFOs via
the serial port. This was fixed and offered as a free upgrade to owners
of the early models.

However, for the digital sats, there is no need to read the VFOs so
I suspect this specific issue is not your problem.

If you would like a test program to see if your FT-847 is talking to
your PC, let me know, I wrote one a while back.

You might just also check to make sure your serial cable is a null-modem cable.
This is one of Yaesu's dirty little tricks!

Tony aa2tx@amsat.org

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