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Re: RS12/13

I have had wonderful luck with a ten meter Turnstile / Inverted Vee antenna.

1. An 8 to 10 foot section of PVC pipe.

2. 2 ten meter dipoles

3. A 1/4 wavelength of RG-59.

4. 4 Bricks or tent pegs.

5. 24'  of nylon rope.

Feed the dipoles for circular polarization using the RG-59.  Attach their
centers to the top of the pole.  Tie about 6 feet of rope to each dipole
end.  Lay them out in an X pattern securing the ends of the dipoles(ropes)
with the bricks or tent pegs.  If you don't have the room, shorten the
ropes.    This antenna actually works better when close to the ground (based
on experience not analysis).


 > > Switch to a full wave horizontal loop on 10 and you'll be
 > > amazed at how much
 > > better your receive will be.
 > While on the subject of RS-13 antennas, I have the problem of very limited
 > space and any 10m antenna I "erect" needs to be either (a) fully portable)
 > or (b) able to be quickly erected and taken down, as well as being
 > self-supporting (the area I have access to is basically the end of a
 > concrete driveway).
 > Up until now, I have used a CB whip, with mixed results (OK for CW, SSB
 > a bit rough).  The uplink antenna is a 2m vertical.
 > Any ideas on a 10m antenna for my situation?

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