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Re: problems with early Yaesu FT-847 ?

William B Magnusson wrote:

 > I wonder if anyone out there in satellite-land is aware of any problems
 > with the very early model FT-847 radios. Particularly CPU and serial port
 > related.

My FT-847 is from one of the very early production runs, and the
firmware wasn't quite finished when it went out the door.  To be
specific, on the early models, it is impossible for the PC to
read back any information from the radio, such as current frequency,
current operation mode, etc.  The communication only goes one way,
from PC to radio.

Theoretically, the PC could just blindly set the radio to the mode
and frequencies desired and still control everything for a particular
satellite pass, but I think that the problem is that most software
expects the radio to respond when an inquiry message is sent to it.

The good news is that Yaesu offered to upgrade my firmware free of
charge, but I haven't shipped the radio back to them to let them do
it.  I guess I'm just to attached to it, even in its present state.

Hope you get everything working like you want.
John P. Toscano (KBØZEV)

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