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Re: 9913fx vs LMR400UF

Hi Bob,

A few comments on LMR vs 9913:

  From an RF performance standpoint they are virtually
identical (spec wise - but 9913 may or may not meet spec!)

The jacket on the LMR-400 cable is polypropylene rather
then PVC (on 9913) so LMR will not out-gas and damage
the inner dielectric over time. You can expect longer life
from LMR-400.

  From a physical dimensions standpoint, they are virtually
identical and LMR-400 uses ordinary N or PL-259 connectors.

The old 9913 used air as the inner dielectric and was
susceptible to moisture problems. LMR-400 (like 9913F)
has a foam dielectric which dramatically reduces moisture

Last time I checked, LMR-400 and 9913 are the same cost so
I would always pick the LMR.

Tony aa2tx@amsat.org

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