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Nova/AEA ST-1 problem

Hi friends

This is my first post; and the question is for a friend and for my own

We both own the latest versions of Nova and are using Windows98.  I am
waiting to buy a rotor and interface till I see what comes of this

Jerry has the Yaesu 5400B rotor, the latest Nova release and the AEA ST-1
interface.  Even with consultation with the author of Nova he is not able to
make the system track. In his words:  It is a beautiful piece of software,
esthetically pleasing to viewers of the several club presentations he has
given in the country, but from his (engineer's point of view)
it fails.  He has, he hopes only temporarily updated and installed his old
favorite  Instant Track which he had used for many years.  It worked
immediately and reliably.

So what has he missed, mis-interpreted or just plain done wrong?  Your
suggestions are needed.  Since I own Nova too, and will be buying an
interface and rotor soon,  I am a very interested party to this discussion.


Bill Jablonske  W9NNS
15419W Victory Heights Circle
Stone Lake, WI  54876-3059

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