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Re: WX Satellite Down Converter

At 03:08 PM 3/29/2000 -0600, Charles Gooden wrote:

>I have heard their is a Wx satellite down converter described in the March
>2000 edition of QEX.
>Since I am not currently a subscriber and have not found this issue on the 
>newsstands I was wondering if someone could mail me a copy of the 
>article.   I would be glad to pay and copying or postage cost.

The article in question is "A Synthesized Down-Converter for 1691-MHz 
WEFAX" by Jim Kocsis, WA9PYH, March 2000 QEX, pages 48-55.

I have been a long time subscriber to QEX - at one time The AMSAT Journal 
and QEX were combined. Recently QEX has been greatly expanded and improved 
through the efforts of the editor, KF6DX, and the purchase of the former 
Communications Quarterly magazine.

Concerning the above post I wrote the editor and got the following 
information concerning reprints.
Hi Ronald,
Yes, we do sell reprints. You will find the information on the Web at the QEX
page: www.arrl.org/qex/ among other places. You may order them by e-mail
to reprints@arrl.org, or by calling the sales desk at (888) 277-5289 Monday
through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern. I think they are $3 or $4 each, 
depending on membership status.
Thanks for your support of QEX including Communications Quarterly.
Doug Smith, KF6DX
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