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Re: 9913fx vs LMR400UF

>Before I part with my money for a lot of coax.  I want to know the
>"preferred" coax 9913fx or LMR400UF both from Cable X Perts.  I need 2
>runs at 70cm and 1 run at 2M.  I live in  western Washington and it rains
>a lot here, I understand the 9913F (discontinued) from Belden was prone
>to moisture problems.

BEWARE of Cable X Perts!!!!

I got 100' of their 9913 in September of 1999.  It was advertised as 2.7 db 
loss.  Fortunately I measured it before I put it up,
and the loss was almost 4 db!!!  I re-ordered from them with their 
guarantee of a refund on the other (they admitted it was defective), and it 
has taken until last week to finally get my money back on the original 

Go to the Wireman or anyone else!!!!

        73 de Dave, wb6llo@amsat.org

                            Disagree; I learn.
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