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Re: Re: Symek IFD Board Installation


> Thanks for the reply, John.  I now have a question regarding your IFD 
installation.  Are all of your connections (i.e. RF-OUT, RF-IN, and DATA-OUT) 
connected to the outside pins of the IFD board?

I cannot remember which way round they are.  I will check when I get home 
> Second, in the instructions, I thought it said not to connect the GND 
connection as the IFD board was grounded with the shields connected to GND on 
the 70cm RF board (the mixer and filter connections).  I don't see how this 
works.  To me, this is isolating the IFD from GND.  Shouldn't the GND connection 
be "made up" somewhere?

Did you not connect the outer shield of the ptfe coax to ground connections at 
each end?  The remark in the instructions about not needing to connect to ground 
was for the power connections as the ground connection is provided by the outer 
shield of the coax.

Let me know if that was the problem,  or am I just reading too much into what 
you have said.

P.S.  My Icom-821 complete with CT-17 RS-232 interface and IFD board is for sale 

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